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You have an advanced mobile payment solution you wish to bring to market. It doesn’t matter whether you are new to the industry or an established solution provider, whether your product is an app or a back-end server solution, to do this successfully you need to validate your products with a testing partner.

And who better than a partner with extensive experience in innovative payment technology – FIME. In this fast moving market it is important to stay ahead of the innovation curve, and that means it is crucial to test and validate any new products in a prompt and timely manner, with an expert, trusted testing partner.

As a widely recognized, trusted company, FIME can help you to make your mobile payment solutions a success. Thanks to FIME laboratory’s expertise in smart card, mobile payment application and cloud-based solution testing, you will get your products validated and receive the relevant certifications quickly and easily. Our consulting, test tool and testing services offer will allow you to improve your time to market while reducing certification costs.

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