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Embrace the potential of NFC technology and deliver pioneering new services.

Near-field-communications (NFC) technology offers a new environment for markets to converge and provide innovative and convenient services to end-users. To truly achieve mass market NFC adoption, technology infrastructures must be combined and new business relationships formed, often for the first time. Gaps in the market have resulted in new players emerging to contribute to the NFC space such as trusted service managers (TSM). Added to all this, each market has its own unique security and functional requirements that must be considered and implemented to achieve the required level of industry certification.

FIME works with mobile network operators (MNOs) to guide them through this fast-evolving and complex environment and understand the options that are available and best practices that have been established. Its experienced team can assist throughout the development process to ensure a sustainable NFC deployment that is flexible to future market requirements. Using its accredited ISO 17025 laboratories, FIME also provides qualification services and testing methods for mobile devices, secure elements and TSM that support the market integration of new solutions and accomplishment of the required industry approvals.


FIME has developed a range of non-sensitive applet reviews for the Near Field Communication (NFC) market. FIME can also help you with the security of your TSM service through a source code review, a PCI-DSS audit, an ISO27001 audit or with penetration testing services. FIME also conducts security design reviews for client products.


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