e-passport durability test tools

e-passport durability test tools

Physical durability testing for e-passports

Ensure the compliance of passport booklets to International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) standards with FIME's comprehensive range of physical durability test tools.

Effectively testing and certifying a passport's ability to endure bending, torsion and abrasion, amongst other physical requirements, FIME's test tools provide passport manufacturers and government issuing authorities with the confidence that their documents meet the relevant standards and specifications surrounding physical durability.

FIME is also able to provide consultation, project support and test services for the complete e-passport development process.

e-passport durability testing
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In detail

FIME's e-passport durability test tools assess the durability and resistance of the passport booklet and secure chip, such as during handling or crushing:

  • Abrasion, back pocket wear and tear
  • Dynamic bending, warping
  • Passport twisting, rotary stress
  • Pen stress, stamp stress
  • Roller pressure, 3 wheels
  • Sheet turning, sheet pulling


Some of FIME's passport durability test tools are able to test up to five passport booklets at the same time.