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US EMV migration

Advice, guidance, products and support services for US EMV migration projects.
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Rolling out a smart card programme or introducing new readers can be challenging for many banks operating within the constraints of a commercial environment. With FIME as a partner, banks can leverage the team's valuable experience in the certification process for both acquirers and issuers.


Latest announcements

  • FIME Selected by BancNet for Philippines’ EMV Migration

    BancNet, the largest interbank network service provider in the Philippines, has selected FIME, the world’s leading EMV® migration service provider for domestic and international card payment schemes, to support the country’s migration to chip card technology.

  • SAVVI Test Platform supports Debit Network Alliance

    The SAVVI Test Platform is the first acquirer test tool to support the Debit Network Alliance (DNA) test plan for the acceptance of the DNA Shared Debit AID.

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