Card Personalization Validation tool

Perseval Vendor

Get your card profiles right the first time for approval!

FIME’s Perseval Vendor addresses the needs of card vendors when it comes to personalization and pre-validation of smart cards.

It allows card manufacturers to first correctly personalize smart cards based on EMV Card Personalization Specifications (CPS) and also to pre-validate the card personalization based on Discover, MasterCard and Visa requirements before sending cards for laboratory evaluation.

Card vendors save valuable time when using Perseval Vendor as part of their preparation to the type approval process.

FIME Perseval Vendor Flyer (PDF 711kB) FIME Perseval Vendor Flyer

Perseval Vendor
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In detail

The personalisation functionality allows the users to automatically perform multiple card personalisations and then print all the card details directly onto the cards: all in one click.

Perseval Vendor includes an on-demand option to allow manufacturers to purchase a license for short-term use.

• The following Discover Specifications are supported:

Contact card: D-PAS

Contactless card: D-PAS

• The following Visa Specifications are supported:

Contact card: VIS

Contactless card: VSDC, qVSDC, SqVSDC, MSD

• The following MasterCard Specifications are supported:
Contact card: M/Chip 

Contactless card: PayPass 

Mobile: PayPass

The following cryptography functions are supported:

All schemes:



• fDDA

• Crypto 10, 14 and 17


• MasterCard proprietary