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FIME Accredited To Test Smartphones To Latest EMVCo Interoperability & Performance Requirements

Handset manufacturers can work with FIME to achieve compliance for the full range of EMVCo mobile specifications.

Following the inclusion of mobile payments performance and interoperability requirements in the latest EMVCo Specifications, FIME’s international network of laboratories is now accredited to confirm compliance of mobile devices.

The specifications address three main areas for mobile devices designed to perform mobile contactless transactions:

  • Level 1 digital and analog testing to verify the RF signal and protocol exchanges between the mobile handset and the payment terminal.
  • Interoperability testing to confirm the new handset will interact effectively with the established payments ecosystem.
  • Performance testing to ensure the device’s command processing and transmission times are in line with industry benchmarks.

“As one of the few laboratories accredited for all three areas, we’re already helping handset and device manufacturers to certify their products,” comments Arnaud Peninon, Vice President – Global Laboratories at FIME. “Mobile payments are increasingly in demand around the world and the ecosystem is moving quickly. As an EMVCo Technical Associate and an expert in contactless payment technologies, our in-depth knowledge of the ecosystem makes us the ideal partner to help manufacturers confirm their products will operate as intended once live in the market.”

FIME offers a comprehensive portfolio of EMVCo testing services to ensure manufacturers can achieve all of the certifications they need in one test session, saving them valuable time and money. To find out more about how FIME can support your projects, contact your local office

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