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FIME Makes Visa Terminal Integration Testing Easier Through Automatic Online Submission of Test Results Using Its SAVVI Test Tool

FIME has enhanced its SAVVI test tool to enable Visa terminal integration test results to be automated into a format which, for the first time, can be submitted directly online to Visa.

This new functionality, which has been tested and endorsed by Elavon, a leader in payment processes, will speed up the testing process for acquirers as well as eliminate human error when inputting and filing results manually.

Secure-chip testing provider, FIME has advanced its terminal integration test tool, SAVVI, to facilitate the direct upload and online submission of automated results generated for the Visa Acquirer Device Validation Toolkit (ADVT). Visa’s online system – the Visa Chip Compliance Reporting Tool (CCRT) – has previously required all test results to be manually inputted and submitted. This process can be time intensive and vulnerable to human error.

Vincent Poty, Head of Strategy and Corporate Development at FIME, comments: “The CCRT enables chip acquirers and their processors to complete and submit the mandatory terminal compliance reports via a globally available online system. The ability to produce an automatic report in a format that can be directly uploaded onto the CCRT system is a significant advancement that optimises efficiencies in the testing process. In turn, this will enable Visa’s stakeholders to bring products to market more quickly.”

To test the process within a live environment, FIME teamed up with Elavon. Andy Morris, Implementation Manager at Elavon Merchant Services, adds: “By doing the real life case report, we were able to ensure the automatic report generated results that could be submitted to the CCRT system correctly. Elavon was keen to be part of the pilot as we recognise the benefits that this new process can bring to our business and the industry as a whole. It not only speeds up our ability to get new products to market, but also minimises administration resource investment and contains potential human errors that can cause delays.”

FIME’s SAVVI tool conducts the integration tests required for the certification of any kind of contact and contactless terminal by Visa. “SAVVI analyses the ability of a payment terminal to integrate successfully in the marketplace,” concludes Vincent. “The new enhancements not only allow SAVVI to automate the required Visa terminal test results into a loadable format, but also provide it in a readable layout that makes it easier to identify where any bugs are that may need fixing.”

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