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FIME Plays a Key Role in the Valeo NFC Access System Project

FIME has contributed its expertise to a virtual car key access system using NFC technology launched by Valeo and Orange Business Services. The solution makes it possible to temporarily transfer a car key to a mobile phone, manage a booking system online and finally, open the car door and start the car using this mobile phone.

FIME has offered its application development capabilities to the innovative project being delivered by Valeo, a provider of components, systems and modules for the automotive industry, and Orange Business Services, an entity within the France Télécom Group dedicated to global business telecommunications. The solution is based on mobile phone and web technology and can be used by a company or privately by a group of friends. The process works as follows:

  1. The owner of the vehicle featuring NFC technology logs in to the car sharing site.
  2. They build up their user community by inviting participants to the scheme using SMS. Once the invitation has been accepted, the participant’s mobile phone can be used as a virtual key.
  3. The participant reserves a time slot using their mobile device to access the vehicle. Once the slot has been confirmed, they will receive a one-time virtual, temporary key on their mobile phone.
  4. The participant brings the handset close to the vehicle door and dashboard featuring Valeo NFC readers to open and start the car. FIME’s role during the project has been to develop the application software that resides in the end-users mobile phone. This technology manages and stores a car’s virtual key once the booking on the car-share application has taken place. The key can only be received for the time slot requested by the user, with the vehicle owner’s permission, and is fully encrypted to deliver the highest security standards possible.

Pascal Le Ray, CEO of FIME, comments: “FIME is pleased to collaborate with Valeo as part of Orange Business Services to deliver this NFC solution which is new, exciting and convenient. It delivers many benefits such as avoiding keys being lost, enables easy monitoring and regulation of the distribution of ignition keys, and optimises vehicle loan management due to the comprehensive booking system. Such advancements in the use of NFC technology highlights the capabilities and opportunities that can be achieved through innovation and market convergence. We continue to contribute to the research and development of pioneering NFC applications at FIME and look forward to seeing them launch to market as successfully.”

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