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FIME Releases Enhanced EMV Terminal Testing Platform

Leading payments consultancy FIME today announced SAVVI 2.0 enables faster time to market for EMV terminals in the U.S. With SAVVI 2.0, FIME introduces a simplified user interface, online test card maintenance capabilities and programmable test cards to its trusted test platform.

Leading payments consultancy FIME today announced SAVVI 2.0, an updated and streamlined version of its EMV® terminal testing and certification management tool. With SAVVI 2.0, FIME introduces a simplified user interface, online test card maintenance capabilities and programmable test cards to its trusted test platform. SAVVI 2.0 is available immediately for MasterCard terminal testing and certification with other major U.S. card brands to follow in the next few months.

FIME is providing a demonstration of the SAVVI Test Platform Version 2.0 at booths 3 C 047 and 3 C 053 next week at Cartes in Paris, Nov. 4-6.

FIME’s SAVVI 2.0’s simplified and more flexible user experience allows for accelerated testing and certification to get EMV terminals into the market more quickly. The platform can also be combined with consulting services for additional guidance and a more seamless process. Features of SAVVI 2.0 include:

  • Streamlined user interface: Improved user interface allows for a more intuitive experience with step-by-step instructions through the testing process for both experienced testers and testers new to chip technology.
  • Choice of test media: SAVVI 2.0 test cards provide flexibility for testers, allowing them to choose the test media that best fit their needs – physical test cards, a programmable test card or a combination of both. Programmable test cards are built on the same payment application as FIME’s reliable physical test cards, adding a level of convenience desired by many terminal testers.
  • Fast, online test card maintenance: Test case updates are delivered electronically to SAVVI to ensure testers have fast access to the latest test cases. The test tool automatically compares the current version to the updates available on FIME’s secure online library to ensure testers know when a new update is available. Keeping the certification test plan up to date is essential to ensure compliance with the latest testing requirements from the payment systems.
  • Easy online ordering: SAVVI 2.0 is available on the FIME website at

“Testing and certifying terminals for each of the payment brands can be a complex and timeconsuming project. With SAVVI 2.0, we are removing complexities and improving testing times while ensuring the testing environment is always current with the latest requirements,” said Xavier Giandominici, director of FIME America. “Use of SAVVI 2.0 will be particularly helpful for merchants and acquirers in the U.S., as it will help accelerate the migration to EMV by getting terminals into market much more quickly.”

In the U.S., SAVVI 2.0 is part of FIME’s comprehensive consulting offering for payments stakeholders undergoing EMV chip migration. The package can ensure successful, cost-effective and efficient migrations for organizations of any size and at any stage of implementation. FIME’s EMV chip migration package options include:

  • Customized training events and workshops to equip internal project teams with the expertise and tools for a successful migration and beyond
  • Analysis of the impact of migration on current infrastructure, processes and organization
  • Identification of all business and technical requirements to build a complete roadmap to EMV chip technology
  • Definition of testing and certification requirements
  • Delivery of tools for in-house testing or FIME-delivered testing and integration services
  • On-call personal consultants for advice throughout the entire migration process

FIME has plans to release many new features in SAVVI in the coming months to further enhance the EMV terminal integration certification.

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