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FIME To Offer Complete Testing For NFC Device Functionality

FIME TEE test tool becomes ‘Global Device’ to reflect increased capabilities following the addition of new test libraries. The new tool has been upgraded following GlobalPlatform’s advancement of its device compliance program to better support the needs of the mobile services community.

Advanced testing provider, FIME, has taken steps to streamline near field communication (NFC) enabled device testing with the addition of new test libraries to its Global TEE test tool. The new tool, now named ‘Global Device’, has been upgraded following GlobalPlatform’s advancement of its device compliance program to better support the needs of the mobile services community. The tool is available for purchase for pre-certification in-house testing and as part of FIME’s GlobalPlatform-accredited service offering.

Global Device will continue to allow trusted execution environment (TEE) developers, system on chip providers and NFC handset manufacturers to confirm compliance of their products to GlobalPlatform’s TEE Specifications. Additionally, stakeholders will now be able to utilise FIME’s new test libraries to validate their products to SIMalliance’s Open Mobile API (OMAPI) Specification and the GlobalPlatform Secure Element (SE) Access Control (AC) Specification.

“The testing ecosystem is fragmented, with device components validated separately and at different times during the development process. This has the potential to cause interoperability and security issues once the device is deployed,” comments Stéphanie El Rhomri – NFC & Payments Vendor Business Line Manager at FIME and Chair of the GlobalPlatform Device Compliance Programme. “This update to the tool brings together the test libraries needed to validate the complete functionality of an NFC device together into one tool, increasing trust, security and interoperability.”

The SIMalliance OMAPI and GlobalPlatform SE AC Specifications support the secure delivery and communication of applications such as payment and ticketing. Services, such as these, rely on two applications, one within the SE and one residing in the operating system on the device. Secure and immediate communication between these applications is essential for the successful operation of the service being delivered.

“The input and participation of testing providers like FIME in our compliance program is essential for the delivery of clear, consistent and verifiable specifications,” adds Kevin Gillick, Executive Director of GlobalPlatform. “This will not only reduce product time to market without compromising security or functionality for the end user, but also provide the market with confidence that products will perform as advertised. We are pleased at the level of recognition the GlobalPlatform Compliance Program is receiving and that FIME has been so quick to react with updates to its tools.”

“We have worked closely with GlobalPlatform for many years and we are delighted to see this expansion in its device compliance programme, and consequently our tool, come to fruition. The ecosystem is evolving rapidly and product development requires swift and efficient validation of products. The ability to test a product to multiple specifications throughout the development lifecycle, at one time and in one location brings a great deal of benefits to stakeholders,” concludes Stéphanie. Take a look at FIME’s white paper focusing on the NFC security chain: “The NFC Security Quiz - 6 key questions answered regarding today’s security framework for delivering sensitive NFC mobile services”.

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