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FIME to provide Uzbekistan with eIdentity Testing Services

FIME, a global leader in consulting and market integration testing services for smart devices and secure chip-based applications, has been selected by the Central Bank of Uzbekistan to supply its physical durability test tools for e-passports.

The suite of test tools will be implemented by Uzbekistan’s state production enterprise, Tashkent Paper Mill of GPO Davlat Belgisi (Davlat Belgisi), in phase two of the country’s e-passport deployment to ensure that all passports comply with physical durability specifications defined by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). The Uzbekistan e-passport project is being rolled out in two stages.

Phase one, which began in 2010, has already seen the biometric passport issued to citizens working for the country’s ministries, authorities and institutions, as well as those living outside of the country. The second phase, which is due to commence later this year, will equip the remaining citizens with the new electronic travel document. The main objective of the initiative is to raise national and civil aviation navigation security and provide quick and accurate personal identification for the country’s 28 million citizens.

FIME’s test tools provide the required test environments to validate the physical durability of passports in line with ISO specifications for durability and ageing. The test tools examine the document’s ability to withstand bending, twisting and general wear and tear to ensure the quality and longevity of the product for up to ten years. In addition to supplying the test equipment, FIME will also provide on-going support and maintenance to Davlat Belgisi.

Jasur Jabburov, Technical Manager at Davlat Belgisi, commented: “With the rise of international travel, the need for standards and specifications relating to modern travel documents has become increasingly necessary to ensure not just the technical interoperability of a product, but also its quality and durability for the end-user. With FIME’s physical durability test tools, Davlat Belgisi has the confidence to produce and issue travel documents which meet both technical and user requirements. ”

Frederic Simon, Head of FIME EMEA at FIME, added: “As FIME’s first e-passport client, this project is a sign of our increased commitment to the identity marketplace. With over fifteen years’ of product testing expertise, FIME’s suite of stand-alone test tools allows our customers to undertake their own rigorous testing of e-passports, to ensure ICAO compliance and product longevity.”

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