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The Big Bang - Managing the collision of industries to ensure NFC is a success

Stephanie El Rhomri from FIME - an independent consulting and integration testing services provider for smart devices and secure chip-based applications – explains some of the market integration challenges facing the mobile services landscape.

Near field communication (NFC) technology offers many exciting possibilities for consumers and businesses alike. It is fast, convenient and, above all else, when active in a mobile device, offers a new way to communicate with an enduser. The potential is far-reaching as there are many sectors that could achieve significant commercial benefits from delivering services via this platform.

With the excitement of NFC comes the reality. For it to be a success, new business partners must collectively agree on the operational models and relationships that they will form to bring their NFC solutions to market. Within mobile NFC payments, for example, financial institutions, mobile network operators, service providers, handset manufacturers and technology vendors are just some of the parties colliding in this unmapped white space to establish a mass market, usable ecosystem that aims to have global appeal.

Although many within the industry acknowledge that the technology is here and ready to go live, mass market infrastructures need to be built that align with the business models which are currently being agreed upon. It is a complex and challenging process as many of the decisions being made now will have a long-term impact on the brands and companies involved.

This leaves no margin for error. As industries invest resources to competently converge their markets together, many questions are raised regarding the merging of technology infrastructures and security procedures. One word keeps being repeated; inter operability. NFC players recognise that for NFC to have a sustainable, scalable and global future, interoperability has to be achieved.

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