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Case study - Interac and FIME

The leading debit payment network in Canada leverages FIME’s consulting expertise.

The Interac Association is a Canadian based payments association founded in 1984 which oversees the management and evolution of the Interac network – Canada’s only domestically run, coast-to-coast debit payment network in Canada. Interac Association ensures interoperability between financial institutions and other payment entities across the country to allow cardholders to withdraw cash from ATMs not operated by their financial institution and to make debit purchases at merchant point-of-sale terminals. Interac Association has over 60 members which represent over 58 000 ATMs and 700,000 point-of-sale terminals throughout the country. The name Interac has become well known and synonymous with debit card payment in Canada.

  • A new means of "contactless” payment Interac

Association is now moving ahead with in-market transactions of INTERAC Flash, a “contactless” enhancement to the functionality of the Interac Direct Payment service. The goal is to provide Canadians with the ability to use their debit card for point-of-sale debit purchases quickly and securely with contactless technology.

  • The development and impact of contactless technology in Canada

Up until now contactless payment has been available only to a minority of the population, yet it enables an increase in the number of transactions completed and reduces the time needed to perform a transaction because of the ease of use. Extending this technology to a larger number of consumers represents a project with a great deal of potential.

  • Choosing FIME: a renowned expert with a secure, global approach

FIME guides its clients from A to Z during the development phases of their projects with a consulting and accompaniment offer. This position means FIME is placed as a global actor in the smartcard technology domain and able to give recommendations throughout a project’s life cycle (consultancy, project management, development, tests, etc.). “This is particularly relevant to the banking market, in which we have already accompanied banks during their migration process” explains Pascal Le Ray, General Manager of FIME. Building on its international experience deploying new technology projects and the expertise of local teams in the validation of payment solutions on the Canadian market, FIME helped put in place the procedures and overall organization of this multidisciplinary project’s certification process. It was necessary to consider and coordinate the entire range of characteristics in the implementation of this project involving a dual card combining two interfaces: a standard contact interface and a contactless interface. Allen Wright, VP Products at Interac Association said: “FIME’s good reputation supported by their previous achievements made them an obvious choice. We were pleased to work with a strong global partner, both on a regional and national level.” Allen Wright adds: “We truly appreciate FIME’s valuable input in helping to shape this service.”

  • The certification of cards and terminals

In parallel, Interac Association has accredited FIME’s Montréal laboratory allowing them to carry out functional and security evaluations for card suppliers for this project. FIME America will carry out the application certifications on terminals implementing Interac’s “Dual Interface”. This offer strengthens the services provided by FIME, in terms of certification support, which are also provided directly to acquirers and processors in the Canadian market for the integration of their EMV solutions into different payment networks.

Case study