Greenlight Protocol

Level 1 PICC Performance test tool

Ensure product readiness

Contactless payment systems are developing quickly, with each major banking brand specifying its own mandatory requirements for transactions.

Performance testing is a key step in the certification process. To achieve the required accreditations and bring solutions to market quickly and efficiently, credit card vendors and mobile phones manufacturers must ensure their products comply with the latest specifications.

A fully automated and reliable test tool

Fime has created a simple tool to test PICC contactless payment solutions against the latest performance requirements of the major brands.

Greenlight Protocol is the first tool to test both smart cards and mobile phones (whether they are Secure Element (SE)-based or Host Card Emulation (HCE)-based) against the requirements mandated by American Express, Discover Network, JCB and MasterCard. To evaluate PICC performance, the testing system automatically performs more than ten transactions to accurately measure command processing and transmitting times.

Greenlight Protocol is constantly updated with the latest requirements from the major brands and is used in all of FIME's laboratories. This guarantees the same results at the final approval stage and offers the highest levels of assurance for our customers.

Components and test suites

Greenlight Performance is built around libraries that incorporate all of the performance tests for a specific brand. Customers can purchase the libraries that best meet their PICC requirements, whether it is for American Express, Discover Netwok, JCB or MasterCard. Both SE-based and HCE-based libraries are available.

Test libraries

American Express:

  • PICC Performance

Discover Network:

  • D-PAS PICC Performance


  • Mobile Performance


  • PICC Performance


  • PICC Performance
  • HCE Performance
Used by FIME Labs

Tests with Greenlight Protocol

Speed up your Level 1 certification

Technical specifications

  • Automate the test launch.
  • Display test processing.
  • Manage test case lists.
  • Generate HTML and PDF logs for each script.

What's in the box?

The test suite comes with all necessary hardware and accessories to run the tests:

  • Installation software with supporting media for the platform and for each library.
  • User manual.
  • Executable Java Runtime Environment.
  • A MP300TCL2 emulator.
  • A USB token that contains product licenses.

Key benefits

  • Run tests scripts automatically.
  • Receive immediate and accurate verdicts.
  • Generate complete test reports.

Key features

  • Friendly and easy-to-use interface.
  • Multi-brand solution.
  • Easily upgradable and scalable.