RF Test Bench

Contactless Level 1 analog testing

Get your contactless solution approved to the latest specifications

Secure Element (SE) and cloud-based contactless technology are becoming increasingly prevalent within the payment and retail sectors, and are the preferred payment method for many consumers.

Your solution needs to comply with EMVCo™, NFC Forum and ISO specifications to achieve the interoperability and consistency that is key to driving end-user adoption of contactless technology.

Comprehensive portfolio of contactless analog test solutions

FIME’s solutions are approved by the relevant industry bodies to ensure quality, reliability and interoperability on a global scale. FIME is highly involved with EMVCo, as a Technical Associate, and with the NFC Forum, to stay up-to-date with the latest developments.

FIME RF Test Bench

  • HF characterization against EMV, NFC Forum and ISO specifications during the design stage.
  • Validate the analog behavior of your product before going for compliance certification.
  • Perform sample testing in mass production for quality check.

Validate your devices to EMVCo, NFC Forum and ISO specifications

FIME, in partnership with Keysight® technologies, offers a comprehensive test system based on the Keysight T1141A NFC Test Set.

This powerful test bench can be used to qualify smart cards, mobile devices and terminals against complete test plans that are fully compliant with EMVCo contactless specifications.
Officially qualified by EMVCo for Type Approval.

NFC Forum RF
The NFC test bench is aligned with the NFC Forum requirements and enables testing of all types of NFC devices including mobile handsets and NFC tags.
Officially approved by NFC Forum for Analog Testing.

The ISO RF test libraries ensure the compliance of smart devices with ISO / IEC 14443 requirements (HF). The automated solution allows the tests to be performed in one click. This increases testing efficiency by more than 60%, whilst also ensuring accurate and repeatable test results.

RF test bench libraries

FIME RF test bench libraries

Used by FIME Labs

FIME 6-axis robot

Save time and money with state-of-the-art test tools

Technical specifications

  • Compliant with EMV Contactless Communication Protocol and NFC Forum specifications.
  • EMVCo reference antennas (EMV-Test PICC, PCD and CMR) delivered with EMVCo calibration certificate.
  • NFC Forum reference antenna kits (NFC Forum reference listeners and pollers).
  • Supports the full set of tests from ISO 10373-6 for cards and readers.
  • Fully automated using class-leading and qualified robots.

What's in the box?

TB Spy
A stand-alone product that enhances the demodulation abilities of the FIME RF Test Bench.

The library editor
Each EMV RF test is independent and configurable, and can be adapted to the needs of the engineering. Also, by using the expert mode, you can manually perform specific tests, and check results.

The 6 axis robot
New generation of automatic positioning robots:

  • Fully automated.
  • Large Operating Volume.
  • Enhanced testing capabilities: Device testing from any angle and graphical programming.
  • Facilitates access to test samples – automatically detects operator presence.
  • Extremely quiet.

RF Test Bench related services

  • Test bench installation, set-up and training.
  • Technical support and software maintenance.
  • Training from FIME experts.
  • Test bench verification.
  • Reference antenna calibration.

Key benefits

  • Test in a short time frame.
  • Feel confident that formal approval will be achieved.
  • Test throughout the development process.
  • Use a qualified test bench, as used by FIME accredited laboratories.

Key features

  • Fully automated testing.
  • Easy-to-use interface.
  • Test library for customization module.
  • Expert mode for manual testing and analysis.