Automated open API test tool

Accelerate open banking API innovation and compliance

TrustAPI+ testing platform simplifies and fast-tracks the design of open APIs, while automating compliance testing against regulatory standards.

Helping API developers automate API testing

  • Automates functional and security testing with a powerful test engine designed by FIME experts. It has the capability to customize test plans and offers a high level of confidence during your quality assurance testing.
  • Provides a standard test plan in line with major open banking API standards, ensuring APIs are compliant with existing standards.
  • Offers full agility, so new API standards can be added easily and tested on demand.

Banks and third-party providers (TPPs) can now assess compliance against the two major Access to Account interfaces, NextGenPSD2 and STET APIs.

Used by FIME Labs

Open banking

Key benefits

  • Create, run and maintain automated functional and security test campaigns for generic REST APIs.
  • Test a wide range of open banking API standards with a built-in collection of test methods.
  • Accelerate end-to-end testing without the complexity of scripting new and updated tests.
  • Manage and share resources across teams with hosting flexibility (on premise, SaaS).

Key features

  • Provides unlimited support for API technologies (SOAP / REST) and standards (STET, The Berlin Group).
  • Automates pass / fail results to enable continuous integration and compliance testing from one solution.
  • Loads and manages simulated banks’ data assets.
  • Delivers simulated open banking client application use cases (e.g. PSD2 PISP & AISP).