Card durability test tools

Testing of physical durability of smart cards

Test your smart card against ISO/IEC standards

FIME's smart card durability test tools are specifically designed to test and certify a plastic smart card's compliance to all relevant ISO/IEC standards surrounding a card's physical characteristics.

Using FIME's dedicated test tools, card manufacturers and issuing authorities, are able to test the durability of a card including its strength and flexibility.

Further test tools are available, which assist card manufacturers during the card production process such as EMV 3-wheel and rotary stress test tools.

What does it test?

FIME's smart card test tools assess a product’s durability against:

  • Warpage
  • Laminate resistance
  • Adhesion and blocking
  • Bending, twisting and flexibility
  • Embossed character retention

Additional test tools are also available which assess the durability and resistance of the smart card and secure chip when crushed or handled aggressively.

Used by FIME Labs

Card durability test tool