Acquirer and acceptance test platform

Terminal integration certification

Acquirers and merchants who deploy new EMV payment terminals must test and certify their terminals according to brand test requirements and processes. It can be a challenging and time consuming task, especially when the project is conducted manually. FIME has created the Savvi Test Platform, an automated test process and certification management tool, which significantly reduces the overall time needed to successfully complete the terminal-integration certification testing required for all brands.

Simplify your entire process certification

Savvi simplifies your entire certification project. It determines applicable test cases, provides test process guidance, retrieves and validates test results (card and host logs). It generates and submits test reports according to the brand’s requirements. Savvi also acts as a tutorial and provides the necessary and up-to-date information to help testers perform each test without having to refer to a specification or a test plan document.


Savvi is built around three main components, test libraries, Softcard libraries and the test media. Test libraries perform all the test functions for a specific brand test, Softcard libraries contain the test inputs (card images) for a specific brand test and the test media is programmable test cards and physical test cards. Test case functionality is identical on all media, so testers are free to choose the media that best meets their need. Programmable test cards are personalised from a Softcard library prior to conducting each test case, while physical test cards are ready for use.

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Acquirer test environment

A single tool for all your brand certifications

What's in the box?

Savvi is delivered in a suitcase with a dual-interface PC/SC card reader and comes with the test libraries for global brands (American Express, MasterCard and Visa).
Testers then needs to either select Softcards libraries or FIME Test Cards depending on their preference. When required fallback physical test cards are provided with Softcard libraries.
Supplementary libraries for domestic brands such as ATH, DNA and Troy are also available.

Key benefits

  • Benefit from FIME’s long experience in terminal integration certification projects.
  • Save time and money by speeding up test results analysis and making test iterations more effective.
  • Usable by testers new to EMV.
  • Suitable for all terminals: POS, mPOS, BBT, CAT and ATM.
  • Use either with programmable cards or physical test cards (FIME Test Cards).
  • Consistency amongst test media.
  • Keep your software up to date with the online automatic software update.
  • Savvi test tool is fully designed for acquirers and merchants.
  • Test media qualified by payment brands.

Key features

Test session

  • Determine and display applicable tests.
  • Perform testing following on screen guidelines.
  • Retrieve card logs from test media or Smartpsy.
  • Analyse card logs, host logs and visual checks automatically.
  • Display test results status.
  • Generate test report automatically.
  • Upload test report in XML format onto Visa CCRT.
  • Manage and archive test sessions.

Integrated environment

  • View test cases and guidelines.
  • View card and host simulator logs.
  • View details of TVR and TSI.
  • Personalize programmable cards.
  • Simulate physical test cards.
  • Upgrade Savvi automatically online.