Smartspy Contactless

Contactless transaction spy tool

Record NFC transactions on the go

The Smartspy® Contactless is an innovative handheld debugging and traceability solution to be used during the integration process of a contactless smart card product. It is the only autonomous spy for recording and analysis of ISO 14443 and NFC transactions on the go, thanks to its lithium-ion battery.

Test data can be stored in the removable Secure Digital (SD) card before export to a computer for analysis. The Smartspy Contactless Analyzer software can then be used to analyze all the details of the acquired transaction.

Technical description

• ISO 14443 (Type A & B), FeliCa (Type C), Innovatron (Type B'), NFC ISO 18092
• Interpretation of the following commands: ISO/IEC 7816, MasterCard® PayPass
• Chronograms: logic state, bit, byte and timing sequences
• Handheld form: works without a plug or a PC connection
• Works with Windows operating systems

Used by FIME Labs

Smartspy Contactless

Capture contactless and mobile NFC transactions on the go

What's in the box?

The Smartspy Contactless device is delivered with:
• An external power adaptor
• A POS antenna and an mobile NFC antenna for smartphones ( optional )
• A cardholder for smart cards and e-passports
• Antenna, scope and USB cables

Connect to myFIME to get with the Smartspy Analyser software, Windows driver and the user manual