Smart card RF analog test system

RF Test Benches

Laboratory equipment qualified for RF testing

The development of RFID or mobile near-field communication (NFC) payment systems creates significant interoperability and performance challenges. Validate the analogue behaviour of RF or mobile devices with laboratory test tools and services before seeking contactless Level 1 type approval or launching mass production!

FIME provides RF test benches that are currently used by more than 100 manufacturers and laboratories worldwide and are available to test a range of different RF devices, including EMV contactless cards and readers, NFC Forum devices and ICAO e-passports and readers.

FIME RF test benches for EMV Contactless or NFC cards, mobile devices and readers are officially qualified by EMVCo and approved by the NFC Forum for Level 1 RF certification testing.

Thanks to automation software and automatic positioning robots by FIME or Keysight, manufacturers can accelerate RF testing of NFC Forum and EMV Contactless 2.3 devices.

FIME proposes test systems for in-house RF testing with an on-site installation service and training, as well as worldwide support and technical consulting.

Automated RF test bench - EMVCo - NFC Forum - ISO - ICAO (PDF 1199kB) Automated RF test bench - EMVCo - NFC Forum - ISO - ICAO
EMV Level 1 Secure Payment Testing (PDF 1802kB) EMV Level 1 Secure Payment Testing

RF Test Benches
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In detail

• EMV 2.3.1a Level 1 RF/Analog & Digital Protocol Testing

• NFC Forum RF/Analog, Digital Protocol, LLCP and SNEP

• Easy-to-use test automation software

• RF Analog and Digital characterization and debug

• RFID HF for PICC/PCD, VICC/VCD and UHF for tags/readers

FIME uses robots to make contactless transactions with a determined speed at set positions in the RF operating volume of the reader, creating a 3D mapping of the interoperable areas. FIME offers automatic positioning robots by FIME or Keysight for EMV Contactless and NFC Forum, as well as a robotic test environment to automate RF interoperability and combination testing between readers and devices. 

FIME RF test bench for ICAO includes both reader testing and fully automated e-passports testing according to ICAO RF standards.  As for ISO RF standards, the FIME RF test bench goes beyond the official ISO test plan with a set of tools designed to help investigate product performance. Additionally, the test bench stands ready to test smaller form factors as defined in the ISO 14443 and ISO 10373-6 specifications.