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Bring new EMV payment terminals into service faster


SAVVI Test Platform is an automated test process and certification management tool for acquirers and merchants who deploy new EMV payment terminals. SAVVI simplifies your entire certification project. It determines applicable test cases, provides test process guidance, analysis and validates test results. It generates and submits test reports according to the brand’s requirements.

SAVVI also acts as a tutorial and provides the necessary and up-to-date information to help testers perform each test without having to refer to a specification or a test plan document. The tool works either with programmable cards personalized by SAVVI prior to conducting each test case or with sets of ready-to-use physical test cards (FIME Test Cards).

SAVVI is a must-have tool for acquirers and merchants wishing to efficiently manage and speed up the deployment of new ATM and POS terminals.

SAVVI – Acquirer and Acceptance Test Platform (PDF 942kB) SAVVI – Acquirer and Acceptance Test Platform

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Product features:
• Determine and display applicable tests
• Perform testing following on screen guidelines
• Retrieve card logs from test media or Smartpsy
• Analyse card logs, host logs and visual checks automatically
• Display test results status
• Generate test report automatically
• Upload test report in XML format onto Visa CCRT
• Manage and archive test sessions
• View test cases and guidelines
• View card and host simulator logs
• View details of TVR and TSI
• Simulate physical test cards
• Update SAVVI automatically online

Test Libraries included with the SAVVI Test Platform:
• MasterCard M-TIP (MasterCard Terminal Integration Process)
• Visa ADVT (Acquirer Device Validation Toolkit)

Optional upgrades:
• MasterCard M-TIP Softcard Library
• DNA Test and Softcard Library (Debit Network Alliance Assurance Testing)

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MasterCard M-TIP Softcard Library


MasterCard M-TIP Softcard Library
Softcards for M-TIP contact and contactless certifications with the SAVVI Test Platform.
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DNA Test and Softcard Library


DNA Test and Softcard Library
Optional upgrade to perform DNA Assurance Testing with SAVVI Test Platform.
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SAVVI Programmable Card Pack

ref : SAVV3T02T1

SAVVI Programmable Card Pack
Set of supplementary Programmable Cards for SAVVI Softcards.
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