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FIME provides security consultancy, evaluation and test services to ensure that an application achieves the highest security standards throughout its lifecycle.

  • Security consulting
    FIME works in partnership with its clients to address product and application security requirements from initial set-up and throughout the development stages. With FIME's support, clients can be confident of making the right decisions based on their individual security needs and product validation requirements.
  • Security evaluation services
    Security evaluation is a vital step in certifying a product's compliance to regulations across the payments, identity, transport and telecom sectors. FIME provides security evaluation(*) and test services to verify a product's compliance to a range of industry standards and specifications set out by major payment schemes, including American Express, Discover, EMVCo, JCB, MasterCard and Visa. FIME's expertise covers the security evaluation of hardware and software solutions, such as smartcards, readers, USB tokens, Host Card Emulation applications, Trusted Execution Environment (TEE), mobile devices and secure embedded systems. Security evaluation services cover the requirements of: AFSCM (French Contactless Mobile Association); ANSSI (National Agency for Information System Security) and Common Criteria; French Government First-level Security Certification (CSPN); American Express; Discover; EMVCo; JCB; MasterCard Compliance Assessment and Security Testing (CAST); and Visa Chip Security Program (VCSP).
  • Security test tools
    FIME provides security test tools to evaluate the robustness of smartcard applications, including observation and perturbation test benches, and a fuzzer test tool.
    (*) Security evaluation services are provided by an accredited partner.

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