Support your members in migrating to new services

As new ways to pay gain traction, domestic schemes need to ensure the support of its members for each strategic migration project. To do so, they must offer new services which are valuable to their members and have a competitive point of difference from other players.

To help domestic schemes accelerate their migration projects and to encourage their members to support this change, FIME has defined a set of services deliverable to banks, merchants and solution providers on behalf of payment schemes.


  • Members training.
    Train members in the specifics of your migration project, its business ecosystem and its technology.
  • Members migration impact analysis.
    Support member analysis of how migration will impact their business and systems.


  • Member migration project management.
    Encourage members to drive migration deployment.
  • Card profile definition for card and mobile payment.
    Apply FIME EMV® expertise to assist issuers in defining EMV card profiles.
  • Terminal configuration definition.
    Benefit from FIME’s experience in terminal integration to define terminal configuration with acquirers.


  • Vendors and banks certification testing services.
    Assess security, compatibility and interoperability of member products with expert advice.

For vendors:
- L2 contact / contactless card.
- L2 contact / contactless terminal.
- L2 mobile payment application.

For banks:
- L3 card personalization certification.
- L3 terminal integration certification.
- L3 payment host system validation.

  • End-to-end testing.
    Benefit from our simulated and / or live testing environment to validate your services before deployment.
  • Certification program management.
    Partner with lab experts to accelerate the certification process for member products.

Members support

FIME migration support services facilitate membership involvement and engagement in migration projects, accelerating their service deployment on behalf of the scheme.

Why choose FIME?

Our consultants give you unrivalled support to plan the perfect path to migration.

40+ consultants located across the globe to plan the perfect migration path for your services.

Industry-leading expertise in payment standards, schemes and specifications, including:

  • EMV® contact, contactless and mobile payment specifications.
  • AMEX, CUP, Discover, Interac, JCB, Mastercard, PURE, Visa, Wise.

Over ten payment scheme migrations managed by our team all over the world.

With extensive experience working on deployment projects globally, working with FIME ensures the development of fully compliant, secure and interoperable products and services.