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Security services

FIME provides security consultancy, evaluation and test services to ensure that an application or a product achieves the highest security standards throughout its lifecycle.

  • Security consulting

FIME partners with our clients to meet product and application security requirements from initial set-up and throughout development and integration. With FIME's support, clients can be confident of making the right decisions based on their individual security needs and product validation requirements.

  • Support for security evaluation services

A Security evaluation is a vital step in certifying that a product complies with regulations across the payments, identity, transport and telecoms sectors. Thanks to FIME’s partnership with a Security laboratory, we provide support for security evaluation* and test services to verify that a product complies with a range of industry standards and specifications set out by major payment schemes.

FIME's expertise covers the security evaluation of hardware and software solutions, such as smartcards/Secure Elements, payment terminals, standard and Host Card Emulation mobile applications, Trusted Execution Environment (TEE), mobile devices and secure embedded systems, Token Service Provider (TSP) and Trusted Service Manager (TSM).

Security evaluation services cover the following requirements :

Certification Body / Requirements

Target (Chip, Platform, Application or Device)

AFSCM (French Contactless Mobile Association)

SIM-based applications, Mobile Applications

ANSSI (National Agency for Information System Security) for Common Criteria

Any IT software or hardware product

ANSSI / French Government First-grade Security Certification (CSPN)

Any IT software or hardware product

American Express

Card or mobile application, HCE


Card or mobile application, HCE


Chip, Platform, Application


Trusted Execution Environment (TEE)


Mobile application on Secure Element (SE)


Card or mobile application

MasterCard Compliance Assessment and Security Testing (CAST)

Card or mobile application, HCE


IT system handling cardholder data


Point-Of-Sales (POS) terminal or mPOS

Visa Chip Security Program (VCSP)

Card or mobile application, HCE
  • Security test tools and services

FIME provides security test tools to evaluate the robustness of payment solutions, including:

  • Observation test bench (Side-channel analysis)
  • Perturbation test bench (Fault injection)
  • Smartspy™ Contact and Smartspy™ Contactless (Record and analyze communications between card or mobile and reader)

* Security evaluation services are provided by an accredited partner. For EMVCo and Visa security testing, FIME will help with the administrative aspects related to working with the accredited partner.

Security services