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Testing and certification

FIME is an independent global leader in integration testing services for smart devices and secure chip-based applications. We have more than 20 years of experience in managing risk, accelerating time to market and ensuring the quality and security of our customers’ payment and transport products and services.

As a recognized expert in Near Field Communication (NFC) testing, FIME was the first laboratory to provide contactless smart card testing.

FIME’s global reach combines with expert teams to give customers the tailored consultancy, solution engineering, automated test platforms and certification services they need throughout every stage of digital transformation projects.

FIME provides the following testing services:

  • Smart device testing
    Learn more about our portfolio of laboratory services for the telecom, payments, transit and identity sectors.
  • Integration or end-to-end testing
    FIME provides end-to-end system qualification to ensure a successful project launch. FIME’s services also support organisations preparing to launch the infrastructure for a chip solution or wishing to qualify a Trusted Service Manager (TSM).
  • Banking services
    FIME has developed dedicated services, notably for Terminal Integration Process (TIP) and Card Personalisation Validation (CPV), to support acquirers and issuers through chip integration.

Testing and certification Services