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Issuing testing service

Issuer Live Testing for Mobile Wallet

Confidently launch your mobile wallet.

Validate your mobile wallet solution in staging and live environments.

Issuer Live Testing for Mobile Wallet

Ensure a rich customer experience with end-to-end testing. 

Fime Issuer Live Testing ensures your production environment interacts correctly with new cards or mobile wallet applications. Our experts perform transactions on live production for POS terminals to verify the correct behavior of your mobile wallet ecosystem. 

"We worked with Fime for the certification of two wallet providers, the project teams have a deep knowledge of all requirements and test plans that need to be carried out. Fime's team was very efficient, professional and delivered high quality work" Qonto.

Issuer Live Testing for Mobile Wallet can be performed as a certification service or to validate functionalities and user experience outside of a formal certification process.

Key benefits

  • Save time to market.

  • Launch products smoothly and confidently.

  • Assure your customer experience.
  • Reduce drastically field issues.
  • Benefit from our global teams support without travelling.
  • Get onboard easily with experts support.

  • Customize test services adapted to your constraints: timing, technical, business.

  • Apply for all schemes and all mobile wallet providers.

  • Perform parallel testing of your wallets within the same testing timeframe (Google Pay, Garming Pay, Xiaomi Pay, Swatch Pay, Samsung wallet ...). 


Key features

  • User experience.

  • International & domestic acceptance.

  • Mobile wallet implementations.
  • Specific scenarios: refunds, pre-authorizations, limits, scripts, etc.
  • Manual provisioning.
  • Cardholder authentication methods.

  • Double authentication methods.

  • Lifecycle management: plastic cards, accounts, tokens.

  • Contactless and e-com transactions.

  • Banking app features: provisioning and activation.

  • Token metadata.

How it works.

Our experts:
  • Explain the testing process. 
  • Define testing strategy.
  • Run staging testing (optional).
  • Run production testing.
  • Analyze issues.
  • Provide final report ready for sharing with the certification authority.
  • Watch the replay of our google wallet webinar to know more. 


  • Android™ bank application ( HCE based)

  • Garmin Pay

  • Google Pay

  • Samsung Pay

  • Swatch Pay

  • Xioami Pay

  • All other xPays

*Android is a trademark of Google LLC.


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