Fime and ITC PLC bring local EMV® L3 payment terminal testing to Bangladesh. May 29, 2024

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Test tool / L3 test tool

Savvi Test Host

Streamline acquirer and acceptance test environments to solve efficiency challenges.

Host log management are considerable challenges for acquirer test host managers. By using Savvi Test Host combined with Savvi Test Platform acquirers can optimize the efficiency of the complete terminal-integration test environment.

Savvi Test Host

Get efficiency through autonomy and automation.

With our centralized end-to-end testing platforms and network simulators, Fime enables you to standardize testing and migrate to the universal standards of tomorrow.

Savvi Test Host is optimized for terminal integration. It offers both the issuer host and the network simulation for a large range of payment brands. Host logs are retrieved in real time even when connected to online brand simulators and matched with each test case for immediate verdict result.

Using Savvi Test Host with Savvi Test Platform, acquirers can optimize the efficiency of the complete terminal-integration testing and certification and get rid of simulator slot booking, host log management and test efficiency challenges, especially when multi-brand acceptance is required.

Key benefits

  • Easy to configure and use, and reduces certification project time.

  • Fit to numerous testing organizations (remote, distributed lab testing...).

  • Test session total automation with Fime Card Emulator, Savvi Test Platform and Savvi Test Host.

  • Fully autonomous test environment without test slots booking need.

  • Qualified by payment systems and based on more than 10 years of expertise in terminal-integration testing and certification.

  • Automatically delivers host logs to remote testers without the intervention of the acquirer host manager. 

  • Automation ensures remote testers receive instant results and host logs are automatically retrieved, uploaded, matched and analysed by Savvi Test Platform.

Key features

  • Network and Issuer Host simulators optimised for terminal integration.

  • Automated real-time host logs retrieval and test case matching.

  • Remote, multi-sessions, multi-brands and multi-users support.

  • Transparent mode to connect to multiple payment system host simulators.

  • Edit mode to customize the response profiles.

How it works.

  • Savvi Test Host is easy-to-configure and easy-to-use. 
  • Response profiles are organized in test suites and are qualified by payment systems where a qualification process exists.
  • Watch the demo.

What's in the box.

  • 1 x USB dongle for software activation.


  • American Express Global AEIPS Terminal Test
  • American Express Quick Chip Terminal Test Plan
  • American Express Global ExpressPay EMV Terminal End to End Test Plan
  • American Express Contactless Pre-tap Test Plan
  • ATH Assurance Testing (ATHAT)
  • CUP UnionPay Terminal Validation Toolkit (UTVT)
  • Debit Network Alliance Assurance Testing (DAT)
  • DCI contact and contactless D-PAS Acquirer-Terminal End-to-End Test Plan
  • DN contact and contactless D-PAS Acquirer-Terminal End-to-End Test Plan
  • ELO contact and contactless test plan
  • JCB Terminal Check for Implementation Guide (TCI)
  • JCB Contactless IC Terminal Check for Implementation (TCI-CL) Guide
  • Mastercard MTIP (TSE)
  • NCCC TAT contact and contactless test plan
  • NCCC / TWIN Terminal L3 test plan
  • PayPak TAT contact test plan
  • Pulse Contact D-PAS
  • Troy E2E contact and contactless test plan
  • UnionPay IC Card and QuickPass Acquirer Functional & Integration test cases
  • UnionPay contactless ATM acquirer functional & integration
  • Visa Smart Debit / Credit Acquirer Device Validation Toolkit user guide (ADVT)
  • Visa Contactless Device Evaluation Toolkit User Guide (CDET)
  • Visa CCRT – Interface Requirements for ADVT CDET and DUAL results reporting
  • Visa U.S. Quick Chip and Minimum Terminal Configuration ADVT Version7 / CDET Version 2.3 Use Cases
  • Visa U.S. Debit ADVT / CDET use cases


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