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Ensure optimal time-to-market for smart devices.

Smart device manufacturers face a number of challenges in launching their products successfully to market. For example, there are an increasing number of complex standards and specifications to be met in order to certify a product, as well as ensuring the interoperability of devices. This can have a significant impact on the development and certification lifecycle. Manufacturers therefore need to identify and overcome these issues quickly and effectively.

FIME’s product integration consultancy services, test tools and testing services are adapted and bespoke to the requirements of individual manufacturers. FIME provides support and expertise in terms of compliance, interoperability, security and performance to assist organisations throughout each step of project and product development, from concept through to final certification and product launch.

More information on our payment testing tools: EVAL and Global.


FIME provides consultancy services to evaluate the security of smart devices against Common Criteria (CC), MasterCard Compliance Assessment and Security Testing (CAST), Visa Chip Security Program (VCSP).


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