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To bring new products to market as quickly as possible, it is important to demonstrate early compliance and interoperability through thorough and effective testing.

FIME is an ISO 17025 accredited laboratory service provider, with test laboratories in the USA, Canada, France, Taiwan, Korea and Japan, which provide official testing and certification services on a global scale to validate a solution's compliance and security before launch. While FIME's test houses are located in different geographic markets, clients benefit from a centralised entry point or 'front door' enabling them to take full advantage of FIME's global certification and validation capacity. FIME's technical ability ensures that a client's solution is secure, interoperable and achieves the highest level of industry standardisation.

FIME experts can guide you throughout the certification in payment and notably cloud-based / HCE solutions or Secure Element–based solution, identity and telecom markets.

FIME supports a wide range of standards: American Express, Calypso, EMV contact and contactless, GlobalPlatform, ISO14443, ISO18092, MasterCard, NFC Forum, JCB and Visa Specifications, GSMA and GCF among others (see full list of accreditations). French clients can also benefit from the Crédit Impôt Recherche for innovative projects. FIME laboratories are also accredited by various private schemes, including Baroc, Discover Network and Interac.

Please view the catalogue for a comprehensive list of standards supported by FIME.

For further details about FIME's NFC and HCE test services, download the dedicated brochures:

NFC Test Services for Mobile Network Operators pdf
NFC Test Services for Secure Element Vendors pdf
NFC Test Services for Mobile Handset Makers pdf
NFC Test Services for Service Providers pdf

FIME provides consultancy services to evaluate the security of hardware and software products against Common Criteria (CC), MasterCard Compliance Assessment and Security Testing (CAST), Visa Chip Security Program (VCSP) and Payment Card Industry (PCI). FIME has developed a range of non-sensitive applet reviews for the Near Field Communication (NFC) market and conducts security design reviews for client products.

Security services for NFC handset manufacturers pdf
Security services for NFC secure element manufacturers pdf
Security services for NFC service providers pdf
Security services for NFC TSM providers pdf
PCI PTS POI security evaluation process pdf