Card durability test tools

Card durability test tools

Testing of physical durability of smart cards

FIME's smart card durability test tools are specifically designed to test and certify a plastic smart card's compliance to all relevant ISO/IEC standards surrounding a card's physical characteristics.

Using FIME's dedicated test tools, card manufacturers and issuing authorities, are able to test the durability of a card including its strength and flexibility.

Further test tools are available, which assist card manufacturers during the card production process such as EMV 3-wheel and rotary stress test tools.

card durability test tool
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In detail

FIME's smart card test tools assess a product’s durability against:

  • Warpage
  • Laminate resistance
  • Adhesion and blocking
  • Bending, twisting and flexibility
  • Embossed character retention


Additional test tools are also available which assess the durability and resistance of the smart card and secure chip when crushed or handled aggressively.