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The chip technology landscape today is far more sophisticated and complex than when the first EMV enabled terminals were introduced alongside single application payment cards, nearly two decades ago. The challenges have multiplied, thanks to the emergence of new technologies such as contactless, Near Field Communications (NFC), multiple applications, mobile, the Trusted Service Manager (TSM) model and Over-the-Air (OTA).

FIME helps clients make sense of this constantly shifting landscape, by providing standard and customised training events and workshops designed to equip personnel with the knowledge and skills needed to guarantee a successful project outcome. FIME consultants have been delivering EMV and smart card technology training programmes to banks and vendors globally for nearly a decade, and have performed more than 400 Terminal Integration Process (TIP) workshops for MasterCard Acquirers.

FIME’s security evaluation training provides a thorough understanding of the complexities surrounding Common Criteria methodology.

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