Subset M-TIP USM


Mastercard M-TIP test cards for certification of M/Chip EMV Contact terminals implementing US Maestro AID.

Subset M-TIP USM is used with Subset M-TIP and Subset Field Interoperability to perform M-TIP contact certification of contact terminals implementing the US Maestro AID.

Subset M-TIP USM is a Mastercard Qualified M-TIP Test Tool. It can be used for Mastercard certification testing of any type of contact terminal, POS and ATM. The card-terminal transaction logs are simply retrieved using card log software and a PC/SC reader.

Package content:

  • 13 test cards (card list available on demand)
  • 1 USB memory drive containing the card log reader software and documentation
  • 1 card book to safely store the test cards and the USB memory drive

A PC/SC reader can be purchased separately if needed.

FIME strongly suggests using FIME test cards in combination with the SAVVI Test Platform.