JCB Softcard library


The JCB Softcard library is an optional upgrade for the Savvi Test Platform. The library contains Softcards to conduct JCB TCI certifications (contact and contactless*).

The Softcards are used to simulate test cards either with the Savvi Programmable Cards or the FIME Card Emulator.

The Savvi Programmable Cards are personalised before executing each individual test case of a test plan. Once a programmable test card has been personalised with the selected Softcard it behaves like any FIME contact or contactless physical test card. The card-terminal transaction logs are simply retrieved using Savvi software and a card reader.

The FIME Card Emulator relies on Softcards to simulate test cards on-the-fly when executing each individual test case of a test plan and provide greater automation. The card-terminal transaction logs are automatically retrieved, attached to the corresponding test case and analysed.

The JCB Softcard library is a JCB Qualified Test Tool. It can be used for JCB certification testing of any type of contact and contactless* terminal. Softcard Libraries are kept up-to-date automatically thanks to the online automatic software update feature available in the tool.

Package content:

  • Software licence activation for the Visa Softcard library
  • 2 programmable cards and a card book (delivered only at the 1st Softcard library order)

The Savvi Test Platform provides support for three different types of test media, the ready-to-use physical test cards, the programmable cards and the card emulator. Testers preferring using physical test cards can refer to FIME acquirer test card products.

*Contactless suppot is under qualification and will be available as part of maintenance once qualifcation is completed.