Terminal Level 3 Mastercard M-TIP

How to achieve M-TIP certification

This training program provides an overview of the Mastercard Terminal Integration Process (M-TIP), and offers insight and guidance on the associated testing and certification processes


  • Understand Mastercard Terminal Integration Process (M-TIP)
  • Achieve M-TIP certification quickly and efficiently

Key topics

  • What is the Mastercard Terminal Integration Process (M-TIP)
  • When to perform M-TIP
  • M-TIP Certification Process

Day 1 | Everything you need to know about M-TIP


  • What is M-TIP?
    • M-TIP overview
    • Terminal Integration process overview
    • What is acquirer and terminal deployment?
  • When to perform M-TIP
    • When is a full M-TIP required?
    • When is M-TIP recommended


  • M-TIP certification process
    • M-TIP prerequisites
    • M-TIP processes
  • M-TIP processes
    • Test Selection Engine (TSE) update and test cases extraction
    • Acquirer, terminal and Mastercard simulator set up
    • Test case execution and log capture
    • Request for Letter Of Approval (LoA)
    • M-TIP result receipt
  • Tools to enable end-to-end Mastercard M-TIP
    • FIME test cards
    • Savvi test tool and Savvi Test Host

Level of difficulty



1 day


10 max


Acquiring banks, project managers, technical managers and terminal integration testers


Basic knowledge of payment and Card systems

Training pack

Includes a binder, notebook, pen, USB key and your official certificate

FIME "Plus"

  • Stay in contact with your FIME trainer, following your session for continued support and insight
  • Be part of FIME's trainee community and stay up to date with the latest technological developments
  • Receive an official FIME certificate to recognize your participation

Dedicated training session (at customer premises)

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