Terminal Level 3 Visa ADVT & CDET

How to achieve Visa acceptance

This training program provides an overview of Visa's Acquirer Device Validation Toolkit (ADVT) and Visa's Contactless Device Evaluation Toolkit (CDET), and offers insight and guidance on the associated testing and acceptance processes.


  • Understand Visa terminal acceptance and both the ADVT and CDET processes
  • Achieve ADVT and CDET certification quickly and efficiently

Key topics

  • What is the Acquirer Device Validation Toolkit (ADVT) ?
  • When to perform ADVT
  • Comparing Visa Contactless Payment Specifications (VCPS) and the Contactless Device Evaluation Toolkit (CDET)
  • When to perform CDET
  • What is the Visa acceptance Process

Day 1 | What is Visa Acquirer Device Validation Toolkit (ADVT) Process


  • What is the Visa Acquirer Device Validation Toolkit (ADVT)?
    • ADVT
    • Understanding Terminal Integration process
    • What is Acquirer and Terminal deployment
  • When to perform ADVT?
    • When ADVT required?
    • When ADVT is recommended
  • Testing set up with VISA
    • VTS
    • VCMS
  • ADVT Process
    • How to upload the resulting in CCRT (VISA Online tool for updating the results)
    • VISA Acceptances


  • What is the Visa Contactless Device Evaluation Toolkit (CDET)?
    • An overview of the difference between Visa Contactless Payment Specifications (VCPS) and the CDET
  • When to perform CDET?
    • When CDET required?
    • When CDET is recommended
  • CDET Process
  • Tools to enable end-to-end Visa acceptance
    • FIME test cards
    • Savvi test tool and Savvi Test Host

Level of difficulty



1 day


10 max


Acquiring banks, project managers, technical managers and terminal integration testers


Basic knowledge of EMV, payment domains and terminals.

Training pack

Includes a binder, notebook, pen, USB key and your official certificate

FIME "Plus"

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  • Be part of FIME's trainee community and stay up to date with the latest technological developments
  • Receive an official FIME certificate to recognize your participation

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