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Fime launches CPACE services and brings simplicity & agility to European payment acceptance compliance.

March 30, 2021

Fime launches CPACE services and brings simplicity &amp; agility to European payment acceptance compliance.

Fime is supporting the unification of European payment terminal compliance with its Eval+ test tool. Fime experts have designed and delivered the strategic testing plan and tools for the CPACE (CPA Contactless Extensions) ecosystem. CPACE brings a single standard and consistency across European card schemes to offer a unified experience for cardholders. This initiative will save time and money when developing, certifying and launching payment terminal infrastructure for multiple countries.

Fime consulting services can support terminal and kernel developers with their understanding of the CPACE specification and help define their strategy. Fime’s automated and cloud-based Eval+ test tool provides development teams, with ubiquitous 24/7 access to the latest test suites, ensures accelerated time-to-market through remote product testing and facilitates collaboration between distributed teams.

CPACE will dramatically simplify and accelerate product roll out across Europe and drive better user experiences. Our experts’ knowledge of domestic and international schemes helped to define and roll out the CPACE ecosystem. European acquirers, solution providers, payment schemes and terminal vendors can now work with our experts to harmonize payment acceptance across different use cases and countries.
Raphaël Guilley
VP Testing Solutions at Fime 

Fime’s CPACE testing tools and services are powered by Fime Test Factory, enabling automation, digitalization and customization throughout the testing process. To find out more, click here.

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