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L2 testing tool


Be ready for Level 2 payment terminal certification.

Rely on the most accredited, cloud-based and automated tool to launch quickly, easily and safely.


Ensure your terminal is ready for payment scheme approval.

To launch innovative and interoperable products quickly and efficiently, kernel developers, mPOS and POS terminal manufacturers must confirm compliance with the latest payment and transit specifications.

Fime used its extensive experience in the payments industry and in-depth knowledge of payments standardization bodies to develop Eval+ and ensure the complete validation of your products.

Eval+ allows you to validate the functional compliance of your terminals against the most extensive range of payment schemes available in the market to reduce costs, mitigate risks and ensure consistency: American Express, Discover Network, eftpos, EMVCo, Gemalto, Idemia, Interac, JCB, Mastercard, RuPay, UnionPay and Visa specifications.

Eval+ is the newest version of our widely adopted Eval tool.

Key benefits

  • Enhance collaboration between distributed teams located across multiple sites and from home.

  • Benefit from constant updates in line with the latest specifications.

  • Reduce your time to market by accessing different test suites at the same time. 

  • Save time and money with our automated test tool for in-house development.

  • Secure information management certified by ISO 27001. 

  • Test your product anywhere, using different PCs. 

  • Control testing costs with Fime's annual subscription model, including all specifications updates.

Key features

  • Customized test cases selection.

  • Automated cloud-based test cases execution.
  • User-friendly stop-and-resume test functions.
  • Automatic ICS importing.

  • Automated report generation.

  • Failure test points indication.

  • Exportable test logs for future analysis

  • Upgradable and scalable software test suites.

  • Accessible anytime, anywhere with an internet connection.

  • Simultaneous execution on various test suites.

How it works.

  • Eval+ includes a cloud-based software platform, test suites, and a Probe+ hardware device which connects to the user’s PC.
  • Simply connect to the test environment via the subscription user account, and use Probe+ to emulate test cards to perform transactions, then get transaction results.

What's in the box.

    Eval+ hardware Probe+ is delivered in a well-protected suitcase which includes:
  • Probe+ device.

  • USB cable to connect the Fime Probe+.

  • Physical card deck holder (optional when ordering more than 10 performance cards).


Contact terminal testing:

  • EMVCo - EMV Contact.


Contactless terminal testing:

  • American Express - expresspay / C4.

  • CPACE.
  • Discover Global Network - D-PAS & Zip Payment / C6.

  • eftpos.

  • EMVCo - EMV Contactless - Book B Entry Point (to be ready) 
  • PURE.
  • WLA.
  • Interac (to be ready).
  • JCB - J/Speedy / C5.
  • Mastercard - Mastercard Contactless (with Automation TEI) / C2. 
  • RuPay - qSPARC.
  • UnionPay - QuickPass Overseas / C7.


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