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Creating a cloud-based certification platform

Customer requirements

mada launched its own card payment scheme with a vision to offer a domestic, open-loop, multilateral system to all Saudi Arabian banks.

To realize this vision, it undertook a large IT transformation program to enhance multiple systems, infrastructure and service capabilities. One of the key areas for improvement was the certification center, including test tools, methodologies and processes.

FIME solution

FIME was able to provide support from the very start, helping it define, design, develop and deliver a state-of-the-art, bespoke cloud-based testing platform and certification process.

It’s team of local experts was able to provide consultancy support to develop its automated online test platform, operational 24/7, to enable stakeholders to:

  • Log into a private and secure network.
  • Create a certification project.
  • Perform testing in-house on payment terminals and cards.
  • Submit test logs to the cloud.
  • Monitor validation progress in real time.
  • Remove the need to send hardware for certification.

In addition to the new platform, FIME also helped create all the relevant test plans, including ATM, POS and L3 issuing and acquiring for banks.

Moreover, it worked to digitize the entire certification flow, dramatically reducing the resources needed to manage its certification center and fast-tracking banks and vendors path to certification.

To support the development of the new certification body processes and tool, FIME worked with long-term local partner, Alhamrani Universal.

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Our current certification processes are complex, as a result they can be time and resource intensive for everyone involve. By automating our systems and deploying them online, we can streamline the whole process, reduce certification time and give member banks and vendors the accessible service that they need to innovate. All of this work ties into supporting the Saudi Vision 2030 goal of a cashless society. FIME’s expertise in supporting payment schemes made them stand out as the partner that could help us to realize this vision and deliver a truly world-class, testing and certification service.


Ziad Al Yousef

Managing Director, Saudi Payments

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