Cloud-based payment Specifications & Certification

Become an expert in mobile CBP

This training offers a technical overview of cloud-based payment (CBP) mechanisms.

It offers a deep-dive into payment scheme specifications, and outlines the different certification processes required.


  • Understand the EMV payment tokenisation
  • Identify device security challenges
  • Define the cloud components and functionalities
  • Define the application components and functionalities
  • Compare different cloud-based payment standards
  • Understand the impacts on EMV and financial messaging
  • Enforce the certification process

Key topics

  • EMV tokenisation
  • HCE security
  • EMV and financial messaging impacts
  • Comparison of Scheme specifications
  • Certification processes

Day 1 | A journey through the CBP ecosystem

Payment application

  • Functional aspects
  • Security storage
  • CD-CVM
  • HCE and contactless payments
  • EMV impacts
  • In-app and remote payments

Issuer cloud

  • Device gateway
  • Card data preparation
  • Personalization and session key generation
  • Transaction and fraud management
  • User and application lifecycles

Day 2 | A journey through the CBP ecosystem (cont.)

Journey through the CBP ecosystem

  • Application initialization
  • Provisioning
  • Replenishment
  • Transaction
  • Financial messaging
  • Network routing

Main challenges

EMV tokenization

  • Principles
  • Token management & life cycles
  • Assurance level
  • Financial messaging

General CBP comparison

  • Actors and roles
  • More common
  • General CBP comparison

Certification processes

Level of difficulty



2 days


10 max


Payment Schemes, issuing banks, merchants, solution providers, technical experts, developers, software and network architects


A general understanding of cloud-based payment principles and the wider ecosystem

Training pack

Your training pack includes:

  • A binder
  • A note book
  • A pen
  • An USB key
  • Your certificate

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  • Be part of FIME's trainee community and stay up to date with the latest technological developments
  • Receive an official FIME certificate to recognize your participation

Dedicated training session (at customer premises)

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