Mobile payment QR Code ecosystem

How to understand QR Code technologies

This training course introduces the different QR Code technologies available on the market and provides a complete overview on how to use QR-Code solutions


  • Understand different QR Code technologies
  • Understand QR Code payment principals
  • Understand QR Code payment ecosystem
  • Understand everything about EMVCo QR Code
  • Compare QR Code mobile payment with NFC mobile payment

Key topics

  • Mobile payment dedicated to QR Code
  • QR Code payment ecosystem
  • EMVCo QR Code
  • QR Code mobile payment versus NFC mobile payment

Day 1 | Everything you need to know about QR Code based mobile payment


Introduction to the mobile payment

  • Introduction to the QR Code payment
  • Why Mobile Payment?
  • Why QR Code Payment?

QR Code payment principal


  • EMVCo QR Code principals
  • Consumer presented mode
  • Merchant presented mode


QR Code payment ecosystem

  • QR Code ecosystem
  • Account enrollment & provisioning flows
  • Consumer presented mode transaction flows
  • Merchant presented mode transaction flows

QR Code vs NFC

  • The pros & cons
  • Comparison and impacts on the existing ecosystem

Q & A

QR-Code Based Mobile Payment

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Level of difficulty



1 day


10 max


Payment schemes, issuning banks, merchnats, mobile payment managers, IT managers from payment schemes


A general understanding of mobile payment ecosystem

Training pack

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  • A binder
  • A note book
  • A pen
  • An USB key
  • Your certificate

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