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Enhance your payment scheme offering with FIME

The payments market has historically been consistent, stable and well defined. But with the introduction of new players and technologies, the ecosystem is now more complex than ever before and is in a state of constant evolution. For payment schemes, it’s crucial to stay ahead of the latest trends and use-cases to capitalize on new opportunities. By proposing new, tailored services that deliver real value to members, you can ensure your offering remains competitive.

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Why choose FIME?

FIME is your trusted consultancy partner to drive forward your strategic projects.

  • We understand the changing ecosystem and how it is impacting domestic payment network’s business models.
  • Our consultancy services tailor your business plans to ensure you remain competitive and maintain market share.
  • Our unrivalled experience working with leading industry standards bodies, combined with our expertise across a number of innovative technologies, makes FIME an ideal partner to help enrich your services.
  • FIME experts support you at every step of your project, from project planning right through to a successful market launch.

Your challenges

Domestic payment schemes face a significant challenge in how to effectively address, upgrade and regulate their offering in a constantly evolving ecosystem. Key considerations include:

  • What new services should be offered?
  • How can new services be best deployed to benefit the local ecosystem?
  • How can we ensure a quality, fully-operational service is launched successfully?
  • How can members be supported to ensure new services are adopted quickly and effectively?
  • What support will the corresponding ecosystem need to accommodate these new offerings?