Public transport operators (PTO)

The pressure is on to ensure new systems operate seamlessly from the get-go.

Selecting high-quality products and IT solutions and ensuring their proper implementation is key.

Partnering with FIME can help take the strain of managing quality assurance. With support available from project management support through to testing and final certification, FIME can help minimize unexpected delays and fast-track your way to solution launch.

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FIME solutions

  • Quality control of products and solutions with extensive testing across all aspects of the system, from cards to readers.
  • Integration support to ensure the secure, compliant and interoperable integration of new solutions and its long-lasting operational efficiency.
  • Expert consultancy and project management support for testing and certification, available both as a fully outsourced solution at our global labs, or as in-house support.

Your challenges

  • Ensuring new technologies, products and IT solutions are of high quality and operate smoothly and effectively.
  • Ensuring interoperability between systems and achieving compliance with regional and national systems.
  • Coordinating a robust quality assurance program to support testing and certification processes.

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