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PersevalPro Issuer

Validate card personalisation for payment brand certification

PersevalPro is a Personalisation Validation Tool (PVT) for issuers to validate card personalisation, prior to the formal card personalisation validation which is required by payment brands. It is the first PVT to be officially qualified by MasterCard, eftpos, NETS and confirmed by Visa according to their latest test requirements. PersevalPro also includes FIME test tool requirements (FIME-CPV library) to help pass MasterCard CPV certification faster. PersevalPro is the test tool used by FIME during card personalisation tests when delivering formal validation services to issuers. By applying these tests prior to the official submission of a card personalisation to your payment brand, PersevalPro allows errors to be detected and corrected in-house, significantly reducing delays and expenses associated with certification failures.

FIME card personalization validation test tool (PDF 1150kB) FIME card personalization validation test tool
FIME card validation tool datasheet (PDF 476kB) FIME card validation tool datasheet

PersevalPro Issuer
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In detail
The following features are included in PersevalPro Issuer test tool:
  • Testing of card personalisation settings and interoperability
  • Testing support for contact, contactless, dual interface cards and mobile devices
  • Qualified test libraries for MasterCard, Visa, eftpos and NETS
  • Combined magstripe, contact and contactless card reader, additional PC/SC reader support
  • Multi-application test capability
  • Coherence check between magstripe, chip and contactless interfaces
  • Offline plain or encrypted PIN verification
  • RSA PKI functions for data authentication and security tests
  • Facility to compare two MasterCard CPV image files
  • 3 Report levels with test summary and individual fail
  • Hyper-linking between Pass/Fail references, reports and interpreted results tree
  • Print and export capabilities for results, profiles and test logs
  • Card database and user profile management
  • PCI-DSS and PA-DSS data security
  • PIN and cardholder ID security requirement
  • Multi-user management and shared network access