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FIME and KEOLABS Partner to Expand e-Identity Testing Offering

FIME and KEOLABS today announce the signing of an agreement to deliver a comprehensive range of advanced testing services and solutions for the eMRTD and electronic driving licenses markets.

FIME and KEOLABS today announce the signing of an agreement to combine their respective expertise and offering to deliver a comprehensive range of advanced testing services and solutions for the electronic Machine Readable Travel Documents (eMRTD) and electronic driving licenses markets. The collaboration between the two companies, both worldwide suppliers of secure chip testing solutions and services, will provide advance testing and certification support to e-identity document manufacturers, governments and issuing authorities in achieving qualification for their products to a range of international and local standards.

Under the terms of the agreement, FIME and KEOLABS will utilise each other’s e-identity testing expertise to provide their customers with the most advanced testing and evaluation services. “This partnership gives our collective customers access to the most complete eMRTD support available in the industry today,” comments Pascal Le Ray, CEO of FIME. “Ramping up our activity in this market offers additional options and convenience to customers, and the opportunity to benefit from the extensive experience of FIME and KEOLAB’s in this field. Pooling our resources will allow us capitalise on the opportunities presented by a growing market which has significant potential.”

“We are very happy to announce this partnership,” adds Michael Leplatois, President of KEOLABS. “Endorsement of our products and services from a company like FIME is both a vote of confidence for our offering, and a demonstration of KEOLABS’ goal to build collaborative relationships across our industry, in the interests of all our customers. With the global trend towards the roll out of chip-based passports, ID cards and driving licenses, we look forward to a long and successful collaboration.”

The e-identity testing solutions promoted under the agreement enable customers to perform in-house verification of all technology implementations that are covered by the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO), and the ISO/IEC 18013 standards. The collaboration enables FIME and KEOLABS customers to confirm a product’s conformance to industry requirements, prior to submission for official certification by an independent advanced secure chip testing laboratory.

A range of testing services for eMRTD and electronic driving licenses will also be promoted. These services include physical durability testing (for example climate, bending, abrasion, impact, x-ray and chemical), analog, electrical and electromagnetic disturbance (EMD) performance and digital protocol and application level implementation verification. For further information on how this partnership can benefit an implementation, please contact FIME and KEOLABS.

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