Global Systems

Remote management server functional validation test tool

Ensure quick market roll out

From mobile payments to the internet of things, it is essential for manufacturers to speed up the rollout of their solutions, ensure interoperability and provide end-users with secure transactions and services.

By pre-validating their implementation and ensuring their solutions comply with the latest specifications, systems providers, mobile network operators and integrators will speed up integration with service providers.

Comprehensive server testing

Through involvement in the relevant standardization bodies, FIME has developed a test environment to support you throughout your development. Global Systems allows you to validate your servers against multiple industry standards and implementations, to confirm that your product meets the requirements for GlobalPlatform System Messaging, cloud-based payments, and the GSMA™ Embedded SIM specifications:

  • Service Provider TSM.
  • Secure Element issuer TSM.
  • Token Service Provider (TSP).
  • Subscription Manager (eSIM).
  • Test suite coverage

    FIME’s unique product provides you with an extensive testing scope and a comprehensive set of libraries to test secure servers against any of the latest specifications.

    Test coverage

    Messaging verification

  • Compliance of the command format
  • Mandatory field
  • Optional fields
  • Positive / negative tests
  • Sequencing verification

  • Synchronous / asynchronous response
  • Notification
  • Normal behavior / unexpected commands

  • Function groups


  • Global eligibility information
  • NFC service management
  • Service lifecycle management

  • Cloud-based payment

  • Registration
  • Payment
  • Replenishment

  • Embedded SIM

  • SM-SR, SM-DP
  • Profile management

  • Test libraries

    Used by FIME Labs

    Global Systems tests servers

    Confirm readiness of your servers

    Technical specifications

    • Automatically import XML test plans.
    • Choose the supported configuration.
    • Select a single test or an automated session.
    • Build your own test plan.
    • Select the level of event trace logs.
    • Generate HTML reports.

    Consulting & Services

    FIME offers a wide range of consulting and services to support the validation of your servers:

    • Training and consulting on specifications.
    • On-site testing.
    • Customised testing.

    Key benefits

    • Test all implementations with a single tool.
    • Validate interoperability.
    • Reduce time-to-market with internal testing.

    Key features

    • Easy to use interface.
    • Simply upgradable and scalable.
    • Execution of selected test cases.
    • Easily import test plans.