Secure Element and cloud-based SE compliance test tool

Reduce time to market

The Secure Element (SE) is a tamper-resistant chip embedded in a card, a phone or, using Host Card Emulation (HCE) technology, the cloud. The SE is key to the development of a strong ecosystem which offers end users secure contact, contactless and mobile transactions and services.

To bring their solutions to market quickly, smartcard and handset manufacturers, SE providers, mobile network operators, issuers, and integrators must ensure that they comply with the latest specifications.

Comprehensive testing across all markets

FIME contributes to the relevant standardisation bodies and has developed Global to ensure the complete validation of your solution. Global enables the validation of your SE, whether it is physical or cloud-based, to support payment, telecom and identity applications. By integrating qualifications from multiple authorities, industry players can analyse how an application behaves on a secure element:

  • American Express™
  • Discover™
  • EMVCo™
  • GlobalPlatform®
  • GSMA™
  • JCB™
  • MasterCard®
  • UnionPay™
  • Components and test suites

    FIME offers a comprehensive testing plan for the payment, telecom and identity sectors, which will test any SE to any of the latest specifications.

    For more details about the supported test libraries and test coverage, please download FIME brochure below.

    Validate your SE to support payment, telecom and identity applications.

    Prepare for qualification with Global

    Technical specifications


    • Standard mode allows you to use the official test plans provided by FIME.
    • Publisher mode allows you to automatically import GlobalPlatform test plans and updates.



    • Automatic detection of the PC/SC readers.
    • Configure tests according to card capabilities.
    • Select destructive/non-destructive tests and card initial state per package.
    • Perform on demand debugging and regression testing.
    • Configure execution for when an error occurs.

    Test session

    • Execute a single test, a group of tests, or a complete test plan.
    • Automate testing with multi-reader capabilities.
    • Run an external program for setup and teardown.
    • Automatically set card initial state.
    • Run step-by-step commands in a test case.
    • Modify the tests according to your needs.


    • Generate full or partial test reports.
    • View a high-level and detailed results summary.
    • Get in-depth logs at a functional and APDU level.

    What's in the box?

    Depending on the libraries selected, the following hardware devices are necessary to run the tests:

  • PC/SC reader.
  • Smartware Nano or MP65.
  • Keolabs ContactLAB or MP300 TC3.
  • Laboratory Services

    FIME is a GlobalPlatform® qualified laboratory and accredited by American Express, Discover Network, EMVCo, JCB, UnionPay.

    Key benefits

    • Test with an officially qualified test tool, as used in accredited laboratories.
    • Ensure your solution is compliant throughout development.
    • Use for cross-market Level 2 approvals.
    • Reduce time-to-market with internal testing.

    Key features

    • Easy to use interface.
    • Execution of selected test cases.
    • Multi-level and automated report generation.
    • Easy upgrade and scalable.
    • Automatically import test plans updates.