EMVCo Level 1 testing services

With the success of Apple Pay and the large number of NFC smartphones on the market, NFC services have been launched worldwide. It has become crucial to check that each NFC mobile payment application offers the same customer journey on any NFC handset. Compatibility is key in providing a seamless NFC user experience to the consumer. In order to achieve this, the mobile payment application must function reliably with a wide range of established EMVCo infrastructures.

EMVCo certification processes

EMVCo has established certification processes for NFC handsets, just as it did for cards and terminals, to guarantee that phones comply with the EMV specifications. The EMVCo certifications are mandatory for any NFC handset wishing to offer EMV contactless transaction services.

There are 2 types of test:

  • EMVCo L1 Analog: check handset RF characteristics
  • EMVCo L1 Digital : check handset contactless communication protocol

EMVCo and other payment schemes certification processes are different from GCF/PTCRB approval processes. Type Approval cannot be interrupted and the device under test cannot be modified during the test session. That is why to simplify NFC handset debugging and to speed up certification, FIME offers debugging test sessions. These sessions can be interrupted and the Laboratory and device maker’s teams can work together to solve last-minute issues. Then, once everything is set up, FIME can perform the Type Approval.

To supplement EMVCo requirements, some payment schemes have defined complementary tests such as interoperability testing with specific POS devices.

This specific procedure is also used to test mobile device compatibilities with HCE use cases. In this case, the tests are similar to EMVCo testing but the reference payment application is an HCE mobile payment application instead of an applet in a secure element.

Scope of tests

Scope of Tests for EMVCo Level 1 testing

Why choose FIME?

  • Fast application approval
  • Achieve total compliance in one stop
  • Get thorough analysis from our experts
  • Find a lab near you with 7 locations across the world, 13 languages spoken
  • Unparalleled expertise built from working on NFC projects since 2004
  • High test capacity and flexibility
  • ISO17025 accredited.

Certification Milestones

  • Product registration
  • Debug session
  • Type Approval
  • Product Certification