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Save development time and cost with FIME’S online testing solutions

Market players need to be able to deliver the most up-to-date solutions to constantly evolving market needs, and in ever-shorter timeframes.

Testing as a Service, or TaaS, is the essential way to address this need. Online testing brings flexibility by allowing testing anywhere, anytime that works for the development team. It removes at a stroke installation and delivery issues, meaning a faster ramp-up. Crucially, you benefit from consistently up-to-date solutions, with no need to check or verify that you are using the latest version. Pricing adapted to your specific requirements also benefits you, meaning you only pay for what you use. Finally, all solutions provided by FIME rely on state-of-the art security providing the safest environment to meet your security needs.

Online testing clearly improves productivity and efficiency, but it also saves you money by reducing the risk of failure at the certification testing stage and by cutting development times. Online testing leads to drastic time reductions for development projects, giving vendors that vital competitive advantage.

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