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L2 testing tool

Eval 4dev

Accelerate kernel development with our Level 2 payment automated tool.

Bring Level 2 terminal kernels to market quickly and efficiently with our fully-automated, cloud-based tool.

Eval 4dev

Speed up kernel development with automated testing

POS and mPOS kernel developers need to innovate and launch products quickly while ensuring transactions are secure and seamless. Doing this quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively is challenging, and reducing development times gives vendors a competitive edge.

Eval4dev is a fully automated cloud-based test tool which enables POS terminal and mPOS kernel developers to validate Level 2 payment kernel functionalities anytime, anywhere.

FIME Eval4dev confirms your payment kernels are align with the latest industry specifications right from the start of development to shorten project timelines and reduce costs ensuring solutions are compliant throughout pre-certification stages to reduce the risk of failure during formal certification testing.

Key benefits

  • Ensure development aligns with industry requirements from the start of projects.

  • 20 times faster than debugging in test laboratories because of automated testing.

  • Share one test account with tool access with worldwide development teams.

  • Test anytime, anywhere.

  • Reduce development and certification costs.

Key features

  •  User-friendly interface.

  • Cloud-based, 24/7 flexible testing everywhere.

  • Customized test cases selection.
  • Fully-automated test cases execution.

  • Upgradable and scalable software libraries.
  • Hardware-free testing.


How it works.

  • Eval4dev is a software-to-software tool.
  • Link the kernel to Eval4dev via a secure gateway PC application to perform testing.
  • The kernel remains on your PC throughout to protect source code, only transaction data is sent to the server.


Contact kernel testing:

  • EMVCo - EMV Contact


Contactless kernel testing:

  • American Express - expresspay

  • Discover Global Network - D-PAS
  • JCB - J/Speedy

  • Mastercard - Mastercard Contactless

  • UnionPay - QuickPass Overseas
  • Visa - payWave

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L2 testing tool

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