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MyTest Integration

Round the clock test deployment and execution.

Secure API integration with a fully automated testing tool. 

MyTest Integration

Automate product testing and release with secure API integration and CI/CD implementation.

MyTest Integration is a cloud-based tool that enables access to a variety of Fime test solutions. This includes EMV 3DS authentication and all L1, L2, and L3 test tool solutions.

It enables round the clock machine-to-machine testing by connecting tools with the CI/CD pipeline. It can fully automate regression and buck testing. Deploying and integrating scripts instantly, MyTest Integration helps reduce test execution time and costs.  

Key benefits

  • Deploy and execute tests round the clock.

  • Save up to 90% on product development and testing costs.

  • Reduce test set-up and execution time. 

  • Benefit from easy tool maintenance and quick updates.

  • Automate regression and bulk testing.

Key features

  • Enables machine-to-machine testing through secure API integration and CI/CD implementation.

  • Accesses a variety of Fime test solutions through the CI/CD pipeline.

  • Facilitates pre-scheduled test planning and execution.

  • Provides instant and secure third-party script integration.

  • Connects all Fime testing tools with easy integration.

How it works.

Configuration steps:

  • Customer requests an API KEY.
  • Customer creates the CI/CD script to consume MTI.
  • Customer adds the acceptance criteria into the script. In the case of a failing verdict the pipeline is stopped.
  • Customer defines the CI/CD stage.

Execution steps:

  • The script calls MTI services.
  • The script gathers MTI Tool service results and processes to the acceptance criteria.
  • The script instructs the pipeline on the verdict.

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